Thursday, May 21, 2009

McKenzie, Linsey Dawn

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Former glamour model and porn star Linsey Dawn McKenzie is naturally large-busted, but had a breast reduction done. McKenzie's new bust size is 32DD-22-34 (was 38HHH-22-34 before her breast reduction).

McKenzie's breasts began developing by the time she was 12. When Linsey was 15, she was wearing a 34DD brassiere already. McKenzie reached a size 34GG at age 17. McKenzie's large breasts unfortunately caused her physical discomfort since adolescence. A newspaper profile written when McKenzie was 16 noted that "she often gets backache, her boobs often feel as though they are bruised, and she has to wear extra-supportive bras with wide straps." The porn star's back pain grew particularly acute in 2005, when her breasts swelled during her pregnancy, and in December 2005 she underwent breast reduction surgery, going from 38HHH to 32DD. The surgeon who had augmented the breasts of Katie Price (Jordan) to a size 34FF performed McKenzie's £6,500 reduction operation. As of January 2007, McKenzie's British and U.S. websites are still publishing photosets taken before her breast reduction to show the differesnce in breast size. It remains unclear whether McKenzie will continue her adult career with her smaller breasts. Early in 2006, McKenzie told the Sunday Sport that her breast reduction surgery "means the end of the old Linsey Dawn McKenzie," but did not elaborate.

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