Thursday, May 21, 2009

I want to Klingon to a Trekkie

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STEAM me up, hottie! The new Star Trek movie's Diora Baird admits she'll boldly go where few Hollywood beauties have gone before-and bed a TREKKIE.

In fact it's a case of Spock the film-obsessed geeks as the actress admitted: "I love Trekkies. I'm a total nerd lover. I have a really bizarre track record in terms of men.

"Heavy guys, skinny guys . . . you name it, I've been out with them. For me, how comfortable you are in your skin has so much more to do with attraction than physique."

We can see that gorgeous Diora, 26, is pretty comfortable in hers as she showed her curves are out-of-this-world in this photo-shoot for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women issue.


The actress, who has also posed naked for Playboy, is in shape to live long and pros-purr-even if she has trouble finding bras to fit her natural 32DD starships.

She laughed: "People don't realise there's a big difference between having a natural 32DD body and implants. They assume I can squeeze into anything."

After her role in Star Trek, which lands in UK cinemas on May 8, Diora's acting career could well hit warp speed.

She plays a green-skinned alien who seduces Captain Kirk, and had to be covered with green paint before every shot.

"It really tested my patience," she admitted. "It was freezing- and while it was beautiful and artistic, it's not something I would ever want to do again."

She's a babe Jim . . . but not as we know it.

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