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EXCLUSIVE: F-Listed Q&A w/ Bianca Beauchamp

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The Dita Von Teese of the latex world, fetish model Bianca Beauchamp is the reigning queen of her industry. Literally. Bianca has been titled “Latex Queen” by her fellow fetishist peers and is a favorite with men, ranking high on list’s like AskMen.com’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women 2008.

This enticing 32DD-25-35 Montreal native studied French Literature at a local university, where she met photography student, and future partner of 13 years, Martin Perreault. At age 18 her eyes opened to a whole new world after she purchased her first latex dress. Eventually Bianca and her curiosity with latex would be captured on film by her Martin Perreault, a move that would change her life forever.

Now at age 30, this sex icon has graced the covers of reputable men’s publications such as Playboy and Bizarre magazines. Her latest role is behind the camera in the reality-docu style film “Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2: Rubberized,” available here. In the film, Bianca attempts to shed some light on the world of fetishism by allowing viewers an inside look into an otherwise foreign community and lifestyle.

Bianca opens her doors yet again in this exclusive interview with F-Listed.com where the Latex Queen gives pointers on women and dating, how she rose at the top of her craft, and why latex is so arousing.


What do you think is the sexiest thing a man can do for a woman? Women are vulnerable to violence and rape. It’s sad but true; some men use their physical strength to abuse women. It can be physical abuse or verbal abuse. Too often, women end up fed up with men, or scared to walk alone at night. So I will say a man who respects women, treat them right and protect them mentally/physically when it’s time is the sexiest thing he could do for her. It doesn’t have to be getting into a fight. Sometime, just a talk is needed. Assholes are generally easy scared by other men.

What is your idea of a perfect date? I’m easy: a nice diner at the restaurant or at home. After being 13 years in a relationship, I do not need extravagant dates.

They say nice guys finish last. How would nice boys do on your list? They used to not do so good until I met Martin. He’s such a nice guy that sometime, I feel like the Wicked Witch in the couple! Mhua ha ha! Seriously, I think women are attracted to bad boys because they represent a challenge and a mystery, but in the end, they might not be the more suitable for a long term relationship.

You have been with your partner for over 10 years now, what are some of the secrets to keeping the fire alive? Sexy clothing and having an open mind does help. I had sex in public many times, in a giant 2 meter balloon, with other people, in water, at sex clubs, etc. It’s always tougher to find new ideas and it cannot be always eccentric. At the end, the best seduction can be just a smile and a flirt in the eyes!

What clothes do you think look sexiest on a man? Strangely, I am not too fond of latex on men. I prefer leather jeans. They are more masculine. For non- fetish clothing, a nice jeans and a sexy shirt will do it for me.

What pointers would you give men on women and dating? Women like self confident men. Not a man that doubt himself and cannot make any decisions. So on a date, don’t stress out too much and just be cool. Don’t over do it either to try to impress the lady. Just be yourself and smile a lot.

What should a man always remember in the bedroom? I’m sorry to be so frank but clitorises are often mistreated. Learning how to do good oral sex might take time and some research on the internet but in the end, it’s worth researching it seriously. All my friends, including me, had bad experiences and it can hurt sometimes.

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