Saturday, May 16, 2009

Diora Baird Is The New Star Trek Chick

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In her own words:

Let’s hope you keep things together in the new Star Trek flick. Who are you playing?
I play the green girl. There you have it.

So you’re an alien?
Um, I would assume so—unless I was born with a skin disease. In the original series, there were these infamous green women that Captain Kirk would hit on, and so without giving too much away, I’m one of those green girls.

Does this involve silver bikinis and body paint?
Plenty of body paint. No silver bikini though. I can't say anything about the film - it was the most secretive shoot ever. I'd get covered in a black cloak and hood, bundled into a golf cart with blacked-out windows and driven to the set from my trailer so no one could take pictures. I was like, "This sucks!"

So, there you have it, you'll have Diora Baird half naked in the new 'Star Trek' movie (out in 2009) so as a preview, here are her photos from October issue of Maxim and a couple of her old super sexy golf themed photographs from the 2006 Maxim!

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