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Breast Implants - What Implant Size Do I Need to Be a C Cup ?

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What breast implant size do I need to be a C cup? It is a common question from women considering breast augmentation. Unfortunately, it is a complicated answer.

Breast implants simply are not measured in cup sizes such as C cups. They are measured rather in cubic centimeters such as 300cc, 400cc, etc.
To complicate matters is the fact that each womans body is different. While a 300 cc implant may bring one woman up to a C cup, it may take 350 cc or 375 cc in another. Finally, bra manufacturers all vary so that one companys C cup may be another companys B cup.

So how can your question be answered? If you are interested in a very general guideline, it is often noted that for each 150cc to 175cc, a breast implant will increase your breast size approximately one cup.

  • Using this estimate, if you are currently wearing a B cup in some bras, you might try a 150cc to 175cc breast implant to increase your bra size to a C cup.
  • If you are currently an A cup and want to be a C cup, you want to increase two sizes. If you multiply 150cc to 175cc by two sizes you will arrive at approximately 300cc to 350cc.
  • If you currently wear a AA cup you would be increasing two and one-half sizes to get to a C cup. Using the rule of thumb above you would want an implant size of approximately 375cc to 425cc.

Only your doctor can truly determine what breast implant size you will need to achieve your goals, and often they do not know the final implant size until they are actually performing the procedure.

One method of trying out various implant sizes to achieve the cup size you desire is to try the all new Purlz Breast Sizing System from L. W. Gatz Purlz are tester breast implants that allow you to try various implant sizes in bras of your choice. Purlz allow you to try on and experience various implant sizes for an extended period of time.

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